City Bar

City of Bar, or as it is popularly called “the city of olives”, the naval gate of Montenegro, ancient hearth of coexistence, regardless of religion or ethnicity, Bar represents a union of modernity, tradition and beauty. It is significant as a dynamic economic center and as a city that cherishes rich culture and tradition. Some of the most significant civic achievements in Montenegro have originated in Bar. Here are preserved the remains of the oldest written monuments. Here have emerged the most important literary and historical medieval work of Montenegro. 

In addition, in Bar there is one of the oldest olive trees in the world, Old olive in Mirovica, over 2000 years old. City of Bar is well known for its religious harmony and harmonious life of the people of all three major religions who have maintained peace even at the times of great wars. This harmony is confirmed during the last ten years by simultaneous construction of religious temples of all three religions and these three temples will be one of the biggest in Montenegro: Greek Orthodox temple of Jovan and Vladimir, the main mosque of Bar – Islamic centre and cathedral of St. Peter, the apostle. 

The rich cultural and historical traditions united in the Bar area, with unique gifts of nature, favorable climate and unique geographical location. Pleasant Mediterranean climate attracts many tourists every year. With an average of 270 sunny days per year, Bar is one of the sunniest cities in the Mediterranean. 44 km of coastline, over 9 km are beaches. In the north there is Skadar Lake with 67km of coastline. In between the lake and the sea lies a mountain massif. These are the attributes that make Bar an ideal destination for tourists who want to enjoy beautiful beaches and intact nature, but also for those who want to visit numerous cultural and religious monuments or to spend an active vacation involving numerous sport activities.